Success of Earning Money in Stock Market is what BYSOS aims at!

BYSOS – Bring your skills on stocks; A Stock Fantasy Gaming App is tailor-made for all the stock market enthusiasts where you can learn how to earn online money with fantasy games, sharpen your investment techniques and also enhance money management skills to deal with the stock market.

BYSOS is one among the tried and true fantasy games that have been 'in the game' from recent pasts. We believe that a good stock fantasy game sets out to be an excellent rehearsal kit to learn investment, trading strategies, perform stock analysis and also make money online to be precise.

Standing out of the box from other top money earning games in India, BYSOS has all the source materials, similar articles, and blogs updated in the App on day to day basis and this helps you to reinforce your skills and knowledge to become an expert in trading. BYSOS allows you to pick 12 stocks out of 20 stocks that are listed in NSE and therefore the price movement of those 12 stocks will determine the winner in BYSOS.

    BYSOS is considered to be the best in stock market game app because;

  • BYSOS resembles the actual stock market
  • Gives you an authentic stock trading experience
  • Top securities are available to trade real time
  • Help learn buying and selling strategies of stock with fun
  • Research tools are inbuilt within the App
  • Fast and Safe Platform to learn stock market
  • Real time stock updates
  • Opportunity to build an online community with fellow traders
  • Whatsapp chat support
  • Tutorial to learn how to play

Why Bysos?

We all know the one simple fact that one earns money when the stock price goes up and loses capital when stock prices go down. We should also understand that the basic principles of the economy are supply and demand, but ‘what determines the worth of a stock in long term?’ are somethings we need to focus on and this is what you will be able to learn by playing BYSOS stock fantasy game.

Download the App now. Start playing, learning, and earning!