BYSOS Fantasy game; Saviour of your Boredom during Lockdown.

Bysos Fantasy Game; Saviour of your Boredom during lockdown
  • By BYSOS Expert
  • May 03, 2021

Following the same routine and doing the same things daily is tiresome and everyone normally tends to get bored. But, with BYSOS stock fantasy game every minute is intersting. The uptrends and downtrends of stock market will keep you active whole day.

We all have played Fantasy games at least once in a lifetime. May it be Fantasy cricket, Fantasy Football or other Fantasy sports but nothing can help you learn skills like Stock Market Fantasy Games. Because it requires real time analysis of stock market and moreover it is not limited to Fantasy Games, you can master stock market with the help of BYSOS stock market fantasy games and be ready invest on real stock market in forthcoming days.

Let's see why BYSOS Stock Fantasy game is a saviour of your boredom while working from home during this pandemic

As per the recent updates 'Work from Home’ culture, which was started during pandemic would enjoy a hybrid permanent status going forward supported by low-cost digital and high-speed internet connectivity.

Though it has obvious benefits, it is also challenging for both employers and employees. Assigning workflow and capturing the productivity of employee will be more stringent, this will not differenciate anyone who is lethargic against efficient. Retention of talent would become more challenging in an organisation.

Employees may complete work on time but what are they doing in home other than completing the assigned tasks? Do you just lay back being bored or prepare to be an itrovert?

This is where BYSOS Stock Fantasy game can be a life changing arm for you. It offers you three Fixtures "Intraday, Opening Bell and Closing bell" right in your break timings. However, the contest will be added a day before which means once you are completed with your official work instead of sitting bored, you can analyze the stock market in BYSOS stock market App.

This helps you to be more interactive every day allowing you to make analysis of various stocks, knowing the rise and fall of share prices of top companies. Infact, you are indirectly learnig about Indian economy. Doesn't this sound interesting?

Why only BYSOS Stock Fantasy Game?

Because, It is unique and different than what past market had offered. You are your own boss with BYSOS - Bring Your Skills On Stocks.

Here are few points why you can opt BYSOS as your favorite Fantasy Game:

1. Learn:

You can learn about stock market in detail as BYSOS resembles the actual stock market. Everyday uptrend and downtrend can be analysed within the App which avoids switching the tab everytime and gives more scope to learn. It helps you to learn when and how to buy and sell the stocks in share market. You can also learn how to play stock fantasy games with BYSOS.

2. Best Experience:

BYSOS gives you an authentic stock trading experience with top securities to trade in real time. You can experience the thrill of Fantasy Game on Stock Market with fun and ease.

3. Live Stock Updates:

Real-time stock updates and Research tools are inbuilt within the App. You can get all latest share market news, articles, updtrend and downtrend of stock values which helps to create the best portfolio.

4. Win Real Cash:

Yes! You read it correct. In BYSOS Stock Fantasy Game App, You can play exciting fantasy game on stocks and win real cash prizes. Just join few contests by creating your portfolio and rank top on the leaderboard to win exciting cash rewards. Multiple portfolios wins more contests.

5. Secure:

Fast and Safe Platform to learn and play stock market games. It uses 256 Bit encryption which means all your data and payments are safe and secure with BYSOS.

6. Build Community:

You can now build an online community with fellow stock traders and market enthusiasts. This will enhance your skills while discussing with like minded people. Every suggestions will be counted now!

7. Best Support team:

BYSOS Stock Fantasy Game App has the best support team on call, Whatsapp and Email. You can contact them and they will be happy to help you within minimum TAT.

8. Instant Withdrawal:

Easy withdrawal directly to your bank account is available. Once you rank top on the table and win real cash. You can withdraw the money in a ease and get it credited directly to your bank account.

How does lockdown, working from home and Fantasy games compare?

Lockdown has made us learn lessons for life, realize what is really important, taught us to value surrounding resources. The important thing is, lockdown also made us realize our skillset and which skills we need to acquire. To perform well in the Work from Home setting, you need better skills to overcome the boredom and be active to perform tasks effectively. This is where BYSOS Fantasy game acomes into picture, it helps you to be active all the day and also improve your skill set as BYSOS is a game of skill.

BYSOS helps employees overcome boredom by battling socio-emotional deficiency with their online community of fellow traders, active contests to join and play daily.

Download the App now. Start playing, learning, and earning!