How to Play Stock Fantasy Game on BYSOS?

The best Fantasy gaming app is BYSOS nothing comes between the best portfolio and winnings! Learn How to play BYSOS Fanytasy Game and be a Champion of the Fantasy world and also learn about Stock Market.

1. Select a Fixture

We have two Fixtures in the Fantasy Game; each fixtures has it's own timings to be started as per NSE.

Follow our Fixtures Calender:
Fixtures Day Timing
Opening Bell Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 12:45 PM
Closing Bell Monday - Friday 1:00 PM - 3:45 PM

2. Create a Portfolio

Now it's all your pure skills! We believe that only the best porfolio can make loudest noise of being a champion.

  1. We have added 20 NSE listed companies in our stocklist on the Fantasy Game App.
  2. You will just need to choose any 12 stocks as per your analysis.
  3. If you are BUYing 11 stocks, you should SELL atleast 1 stock to proceed further.
  4. If you are SELLing 11 stocks, you should BUY atleast 1 stock to proceed further.
  5. You can SELL or BUY any number of stock with the basic requisition ratio of 11:1

Assign HERO and ZERO of the Day

Use your skillset to analyze which stock may trend UP or which stock may trend DOWN. Your right deccission can make you a champion on BYSOS.

  1. Now assign your HERO OF THE DAY and ZERO OF THE DAY on selected 12 stocks
  2. Both will fetch you 2X or Double points based on their stock market performance

3. Join a Contest

We are adding new exciting contests on weekdays for you to join and win Big! Now be a Hero of the fantasy world!

  1. Join a contest by selecting your portfolio.
  2. You can create upto 6 portfolios and use to join for a single contest.
  3. You can edit and make changes in your portfolio until the contest begins.

4. Start winning and withdraw your winnings!

For a detailed fantasy point system, check here