Our Team

Meet our team of digital warriors, ready to harness the Force for good! They present you the beauty of fantasy world online and are the best saviours of your boredom in any situation.

Mr. James John

Chief Executive Officer

Results-driven chief executive officer with over 10 years’ experience leading and increasing growth in small and medium businesses. Prior to starting BYSOS, James was working as VP of Operations with sister concern companies, Starmark Software and VitalAxis Inc. During his tenure with Starmark Software and VitalAxis Inc., he was involved in heavy transaction background including startup financing, mergers and acquisitions, sale of company. Played important role in unparalleled increase of company revenue (10 times over 5 years).

Mr. Kishore Mohan Kumar

Chief Operating Officer

Being an entrepreneur is something that he greatly values. He is a collaborator, a planner and a critique. Implements a management style that is based on innovative brand building and one that favours creativity over good sense. He leverages his expansive experience to solve real-time business problems aimed at dynamic consumer behaviour. Initiated and dedicated towards the stock market, Trading since 2017.   

Ms. Deekshitha Shankar M 

Manager - HR & Admin 

Deekshitha handles all the HR tasks starting from Induction to Exit Management of Employees in the Org, MBA graduate from Bhavan’s Priyamvada Birla Institute of Management with Dual Specialization in HR and Marketing comes with 5 + years of experience in various industry verticals such as Retail, SAP Consulting, IT, Health Care. She states that, it is her best professional experience and incredible journey so far in BYSOS Stock Fantasy Private Ltd! Enjoys working with BYSOS team. For any job updates you can drop her a mail at: deekshitha.s@bysos.in  

Mr. Loni Bennet 

Full Stack Developer 

Loni who is called as our "Ninja Developer" is well versed on Core Java, J2EE, Micro service architecture, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, XML, Web Services, web servers, Json, Maven, Git, SVN and OOP's concepts. He has a very good experience on the server side from business service layers to data base layer using above frameworks and technologies. He has joined us as a Full Stack Developer leading a set of team too!  

Mr. Somanna M T 

Content Writer and SEO Specialist

Somanna who is well known as our "wordsmith" is an expert in content marketing and SEO. He writes absolutely amazing contents which are SEO-enabled to get our website in the best ranking on google! He is proficient in all types of content writing, search engine optimization, digital marketing, social media and what not. He says that BYSOS Stock Fantasy has given him an opportunity to explore the huge world of Fantasy games!  

Mr. Pratik Gajbhiye 

iOS Developer

Pratik our "Rockstar Developer" believes an app that is just right has the power to change lives. That is what really drives his passion to be a proficient iOS Developer in BYSOS Stock Fantasy Private Ltd. He is a bright and ambitious iOS developer with a strong technical background who possesses self-discipline and the ability to work with minimum supervision, is what he has to say! He further continues stating that a smooth workflow, a creative and ergonomic design is what shapes a great App like BYSOS. 

Ms. Neethi Prasad H R

Front-end Developer

Neethi joined us as an Intern and is our "Pico Pride" with big explosion in small package! She is helping us to build and maintain responsive websites. She is proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Angular, plus modern libraries and frameworks.  She continues saying that her growth and development, both professionally and personally, are fully supported at BYSOS. The atmosphere is fun and inviting and she gets to work with experienced individuals every day.

Mr. Anup Nalesh Thakare 

UI/UX Designer 

Anup whom we call as "Interstellar" is the person behind the beauty of our website and App! He as a UI/UX designer says he loves to work on user interface with having a lot of experience in the same field. He says that BYSOS has given him the opportunity to create interface based on user research insights which is an amazing work to be done. To achieve this, our "Interstellar” uses processes such as wireframing and prototyping, followed by usability testing.

Mr. Ranjeet Singh 

Android Developer 

Ranjeet who is called our "Panda Developer" is well versed in Android Apps with kotlin, Java, Firebase, Ionic Cross-Platform, Angular, XML JSON, Git, MVVM, and OOP concepts. He has very good experience in Developing Android Apps from Scratch using the above frameworks and technologies. He has joined us as an Android Developer now!  

Mr. Nitish Kumar  

iOS Developer 

Nitish "The Hell Boy" has developed and maintained applications aimed at a range of iOS devices including mobile phones and tablet computers. He further says working at BYSOS is a great experience. The work never felt like work because he loved what he did and he loved interacting with the experienced tech leads. He sums up it as electric because the experience for him is exhilarating.  

Mr. Akshay Raju  

QA Analyst  

Akshay a passionate "Bug Hunter" who helps the team with final step in the development of a software, website or any software product before it is released to the public.  His expertise in Quality assurance is flawless that helped our App and Web to be on top of the list. He further continues that BYSOS has given him the best opportunity to explore the ocean of fantasy gaming. 

Mr. Kishore D

Social Media Marketer

The “Digi Bull” of BYSOS Stock Fantasy! His expertise in social media is fantabulous and can be one of the reasons why our social media platform looks informative!! His ideation on the posters gets the traffic in place. Kishore says that BYSOS has provided him the best platform to showcase his talents. Joined us as a social media analyst, is now promoted and working as a Fully-fledged social media marketer!!

Mr. Brijesh M

Graphic Designer

The creativity skills which imbibed him made us call him “Mad Max” designer! He is the only reason why our websites, social platforms look marvellous!! He loves challenges and says that these challenges will enable his creativity and he can apply his knowledge of diverse design skillset and art of graphic! Brijesh, is efficient in all the graphic tools including the best 3D designs. He knows how to makes use of visual effects to improve any content.

Ms. Pruthvi R Pai

Customer Service Executive

As a Customer Service Executive, Pruthvi is expert in providing high-stakes customer care to our Fantasy Players! She says it is her new journey and she is very happy with the Org and looks forward in managing a big team in near future.

Ms. Preethi TN

Customer Service Executive

Preethi says customer care service is all about identifying and assessing customers to meet their expectation. As a fresher she is keen in resolving the problems of a customer in a very polite way. She knows how to tackle a frustrated customer in amicable manner. She aims to be a customer success specialist in upcoming days.